Hong Teck Sports Association Australia


More about Hong Teck

Hong Teck is an Australian Lion Dance Sports Association based in Brisbane that combines Malaysian style Hoksan lion dance, dragon dance and kung fu. Hong Teck was founded by Master Siow Ho Phiew and today there are more than 70 Hong Teck troupes around the world.

Australia Hong Teck was formed in 2015 and was formerly known as Khuan Yee Lion Dance Association. Our aim is to showcase and preserve the art, culture and traditions of lion dancing to the Australian community. We are committed to delivering high-quality performances and services wherever we perform.


Hong Teck sports association routinely compete in international competitions such as the renowned Genting World Lion Dance championships.

Eight Virtues


Loyalty is required to ensure that all team members have full trust in each other and allow the team to plan and reach higher goals together.


Endurance is needed to ensure that the team can overcome hardship. The individual must also be able to persist through tough training and performing requirements.


Members must always use Wisdom and think before they act and say. They must take into account the consequences of their actions.


A team must have Harmony if it desires to reach higher goals. A team without harmony will collapse.


Team members must be Righteous not only in their actions, but also in their words so that other people can trust them. Members must not have any secret desires and agendas.


Members must have Bravery and Courage to face difficulties and danger. If all members share this attribute, the team will prosper.


Honesty is always needed to ensure that feelings and thoughts are always brought into light. Dishonest teams will never proper, both within and without.


Members should always display Manners to each other as well as to outsiders. This is the face of the team and must always be considered in one’s actions.