Australia Hong Teck Sports Association

About us and what we do

Hong Teck is an Australian Lion Dance Sports Association based in Brisbane that combines Malaysian style Hoksan lion dance, dragon dance and kung fu. Hong Teck was formed in 2015 and was formerly known as Khuan Yee Lion Dance Association. Our aim is to showcase and preserve the art, culture and traditions of lion dancing to the Australian community. We are committed to delivering high-quality performances and services wherever we perform.

History of Lion Dance

Lion dancing represents a symbolic and important tradition of the Chinese culture. The lion dance is most commonly seen during festivities such as Lunar New year, weddings, opening of new businesses and more. The significance of the lion dance is that it is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and happiness to communities. The lighting of firecrackers is also commonly seen during the ceremony with the believed that it will scare away evil spirits.

We are Australia Hong Teck